Harry Clarke

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Harry Clarke


You Could Be Amazed To Find Out What The Root Cause Of Motorbike Accidents Are

There isn't any getting away from it; according to latest stats motorbike related accidents are on the rise year upon year. A Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer makes the claim that serious driving conditions coupled with stormy weather are not the real cause of bike related accidents; instead the no 1 problem is the negligence of other drivers.

This is backed up by a study carried out at the Varsity of Southern California which was sponsored by the (NHTSA) Countrywide Road Traffic Safety Administration. The study was carried out by Harry Hurt and came to be called the 'Hurt report'. In it, Hurt examined more than 9 hundred bike related accidents in the LA area over a two year period, with some more major than others. He discovered that in nearly ninety percent of the cases, stormy weather didn't play a part in the accident and conditions were in truth dry and clear. Instead he cited accidents involving other automobiles and drivers to be the main factors behind the problem, particularly autos who fail to give way to bikes.

An LA auto accident lawyer explains that a high profile case just latterly concerned that of the ex Guns 'n ' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke who was riding his powerful motorbike thru an intersection when a vehicle which was on-coming made a sharp left turn right in front of him, so violating his right of way. The Guitarist ended up in hospital with serious injuries to both feet and had to undergo an operation. The automobile that was the cause of accident fled the scene. The case is continuing.

Often, there's a dispute as to who is at fault in the case of a bike accident and this is when a talented LA lawyer can be helpful. If you or a friend or family member are a victim of an accident thru no fault of your own, and negligence is disputed by the driver of another automobile, then a professional L. A. motorcycle accident solicitor will be in a position to call on a whole host of independent execs who can look into the accident and report their discoveries back to the lawyer.

Folks such as accident reconstruction experts, bike engineers and even forensic scientists can all play their part in pin pointing neglectfulness. An expert mechanic for example, may find that upon inspecting the remains of the motorbike that the cause of the accident lies with a defective part. With this being the case, it is down to the barrister who can then file a claim against the parts manufacturer. In certain circumstances, it might be down to the gross laxity of the other driver concerned. This being the case a counsel will attempt to claim compensation in the shape of medical expenses (immediate and continuing), recovery costs, loss of wages, bike mend costs, and possible punitive damages for any pointless stress caused as a result of the accident.

Whether or not on investigation, the motorbike rider is presumed partially responsible they could still be entitled to compensation under 'comparative ' law. An instance of this is if the client was deemed to be 30 percent at fault for the accident then the compensation awarded would be 70% of the total amount relevant for such an accident. This amount is deemed so because it is 'comparative ' to the responsibility of the litigant.

A L. A. motorcycle accident attorney who understands the complications of the law can be of serious help and in some examples is extremely important to your case. So if you have found yourself in a situation whereby you've been involved in an accident with a bad or culpable driver then don't leave it for the insurance carrier to cope with. In most situations they only award the absolute minimum payout which may just cover the price of your motorcycle. They often fail to take into account any injuries suffered and any long term implications as a result. Instead call a professional lawyer today who can give you sound advice concerning how to proceed.

Bad and adverse weather may cause danger to motorists that can end up in motorcycle accidents. Margierette Sparks ensure that she called a motorcycle lawyer particularly a motorcycle accident attorney when motorcycle accidents arise.

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