Keith Haring

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What do u think about keith haring's sculptures?

I'm writing a paper about his paintings on the wall. In New York and subway walls. Do have any idea about his drawings??...plz help

Best Answer...


What made Haring significant was his community involvement and single-minded dedication to his work. Although Haring by no means invented graffiti art, he, more than any other artist, raised its status from criminal vandalism to art. He did this by creating murals that often spoke out against drugs and the ills of society, and as a result he became an unlikely role model and public crusader.

Haring is also remembered as a passionate artist whose need to create and distribute work dominated his desire for profit. Even after Haring was famous and had his own gallery/shop, he often gave work away on the streets, thereby undermining his own business. Haring ultimately serves as a refreshing enigma when compared to the artworld at large. He did not seek to be exclusive or wealthy like so many artists and gallery owners, instead he wanted to bring art to the masses.

His creative drive, generosity and daring innovation are what sets him apart and makes him a role model for young artist to aspire to.