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Bassoon Take

How to take up running

Believe in yourself

Like the haves and have-nots, the world is divided into runners and non-runners. The partition is pretty solid, but can be breached. The only difference between gym-goers and those odd people you see pounding the pavement in all weathers is money – the runners are at least £50 a month better off than the gym bunnies. Which is a good reason to make the switch.

Start small

Aim for three runs a week at first, and decide on the distance you will complete before you begin. Increase distances steadily, building up the mileage by 10 per cent a week. Don’t let the first run put you off. There will be days when dragging yourself out of bed and on to the grey and rainy streets will feel like madness, but there is nothing like that post-run high to make it all worthwhile.

Monitor what you do

Drawing up a training schedule when you can barely tie the laces on your running shoes might seem a bit premature, but it is vital to be organised. It’s down to discipline: it’s much harder to skip runs if they are written down in black and white. Monitoring your exercise helps you to reflect on what you have achieved, and then work on improving that.

Get the look

Intimidated by smug people jogging past in chic aerodynamic clothing? Don’t be. Not all of the best gear is pricey. Although it is possible to overspend in specialist shops, TK Maxx also sells lots of running labels at a discount.

Get with the gadgets

The gym is a playground for gadget-lovers; all those shiny machines and pushing buttons serve to distract them from aching muscles and ungainly huffing and puffing. Being a runner doesn’t mean that you need to give this up – and armed with a GPS watch and a funky heart rate monitor you’ll barely notice you’re perspiring.


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