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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do you have to have a digital art gcse in order to go onto a photography course?

I'd love to go onto one because I love photography, everything about it. The only thing is everywhere I've looked they've said that I need digital art qualification or art and design. Do you know anywhere you can go on a course without an digital art qualification? Would love to know, thank you:)

Best Answer...


I teach A level photography and ideally I like students to have a GCSE in an Art or Design subject to show their creativity and that they have an eye for composing a picture. Occasionally I take non art students as long as they have a photography portfolio which shows their passion for the subject, not just a liking for taking holiday snaps and pics of their mates. Courses will take you on with this portfolio but times are hard and loads of kids want to do courses so colleges are spoilt for choice of student and will only take the best. So you need to work hard and show your passion.