Guitar Take

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Guitar Take

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Patience - Take That - guitar lesson


What Kind of Guitar Lessons Should I Take?

What Are My options?

Now that you have decided that you want to learn to play guitar, you've made the first step towards your dream of being the next Slash! But now you need to decide how you will learn to play the darn thing! In some of my other articles, I mentioned some of the available options. You can hire a professional music instructor and learn in person, you can try to learn on your own with a book or video, or you can decide to take an online interactive instruction course.

In the Old Days....

The old school way of learning to play is to hire a personal guitar teacher and learn in person. This is still a popular option, and there are many people offering to teach guitar in this fashion. Most music stores offer lessons to their customers as well. If you need or desire more personalized attention, this may be a great way for you to learn. The drawback is that this method of learning to play guitar can be very expensive. Additionally in this day and age, it is sometimes very difficult to find the time to attend these private lessons if you have a hectic schedule. Things come up, and you don't want to fall behind in your lessons, or be forced to pay for classes you cannot attend.

I Can Do it Myself

Because of those reasons, people often decide to learn to play the guitar themselves. Well, at least they try to! Many people think they can just run out, get a book on how to play guitar, sit down and start learning. This can work up to a certain point, but books are generally not comprehensive enough to turn you into a real guitar player. They are fine for learning basic chords and theory, but more often than not, you'll become frustrated from trying to learn from a book, and end up quitting before you really know if you enjoy it or how much potential you may have.

Watch and Learn

Of course, there are also instructional guitar videos you can watch and learn from. Videos are a good option above books because you can actually see what the instructor is doing while he is playing. Additionally, they have the advantage over in-person lessons in that you can watch the videos on your own time. However, due to their inherent nature, you cannot go in any real depth or ask any questions.

Do it Online

Thanks to the Internet, learning to play guitar has gotten easier than ever! There are some really great, comprehensive, online guitar courses these days that encompass all the methods I spoke about earlier. These courses work really well because they are able to incorporate all of the different learning methods into one package. These courses provide you with written information, video instruction enabling you to see the instructors playing, audio instruction, and interactive games and software, all designed to teach you in a wide variety of methods.

The variety of teaching methods works so well because it keeps you motivated to practice. And you know how important practice is! You can tailor your learning to whatever method you are in the mood for that day, and you will likely absorb the information better since you are getting it through a variety of different means. Plus you have the added ability to learn on your own time as well.

The Choice is Yours

So in deciding which method is best for you, consider your current lifestyle, needs, time constraints and budget to help you determine which method will be the best for you. Many people will decide that although the "old" ways of learning are still viable, a new, modern online interactive course is quite honestly the best choice for learning guitar!

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