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Frequently Asked Questions...

What should i say in my Personal Statement if i want to do an Interior Design course?

A person statement is a short essay you write abotu yourself to send to univeristies you want to apply to.

I'm stuck on writing why i want to do interior design becuase everythign i write sounds cheesy and pretentious.

Basically if anyone is good at english and can put into words that

"i have always loved art, love making things, played on the sims and love designing the houses rooms etc, enjoy using colours, think im quite good at putting colours together and i like visiting showhouses to see ideas etc" to persuade the uni's they should take me as an interior design student then that would be SO very helpful! thanks x

Best Answer...


I think you should just say what you feel, that is what I did and am currently taken classes for Residential Planning/Interior Design with the Art Institute Online. Also might to want to include what some long term goals might be.