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How do i get to Esthar in Final Fantasy 8...?

I need help figuring out how to get to Esthar where Edia went after the last battle. I need to find some " White Ship " Problem is, everyone i talk to isn't telling me anything about where it is, and they all just say, " I wonder where it could be " I have no book, or guides. Can anybody help guide me...?

Best Answer...


If you're talking about right after the battle where you fight her and Seifer (hopefully you remembered to draw Alexander from Edea) then this is what you do.
1. Look for Edea's house. It isn't really easy to find (I passed it a couple of times the first time i looked for it.) You'll find it on the southern end of your map not to far from the Centra Ruins (funny enough its near the white ship but you have to do some things first before you can get there).
Now once at Edea's house find Edea and Cid and talk to them.
2. Visit Rinoa in the Imfirmary (you'll be sent into a flashback at this point)
3 In the past you'll have to fight the Ruby Dragon (Ice magic and Shiva work good against it cause its a fire element)
4. Return to Edea's House
5. Edea will give you a letter and directions.
Now for the actually location of the ship (if you still have some trouble) Leave Edea's house and travle north near the islands shaped like fingers it's on the east side of the island shaped like a C (just east of the finger shaped island) The white ship is right in there.
One other thing you'll need to know (I had this problem when I played) Once you fight Abadon (a little later on) the door to Esthar is kinda hidden. Afer the fight is over follow the trail right into the next screen and watch the background. Notice the shape that is being outlined... that's where the entrance is. Just have your character examine it to get inside.