Farm Drawing

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what should he do?

A friend of mine is currently working in an engineering farm drawing a comfortable salary ,he works in machine maintenance and he knows he can go to the manager level pretty soon but the problem is that it is affecting his personal life, he works too hard as the field he is working on is entirely different from which he graduated, he is a bit lonely , all his collegues are his seniors , he dont get much time doing other things and he says he is saturated with the experience gathered from that farm, time and again he tells me that this is a dead end job, but he has mom and dad to support and he is afraid to quit this first job as getting this job has cost him much trouble and pain, what should he do?

Best Answer...


If he is miserable, he should look elsewhere. Continue to work at this job, but actively look (hard) to find something else. Sure, this job cost a lot of hard work to get, but at the same time, this hard work may pay off by giving him the experience to get a new job. If it is that miserable, he really needs to keep looking for something else. Does he want to work in a the field in which he graduated in? If so, you....or he should go that route. Don't give up!!!! (Tell him not to!) He can do it! This job was not a waste.