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Frequently Asked Questions...

What ideas do you have for a 60's themed dorm room?

Me and my roommate want to decorate our dorm in a 60's look, using black, white, and reds. What ideas do you all have?
How were the trends in the 60s?

None of the people I know that lived in the 60s can really remember what decor was like back in the day.

Thank you for and help!

Best Answer...


Hang a lot of beads from things...from the windows, doors, etc.

Do you really have to stick with just black, white, and red? From what I've seen, the 60s colors were chartreuse, shocking pink, bright yellow, and other wild colors.

Paint huge flowers on the walls and wavy kaleidoscope things.

Here's some inspiration for you:

And you might make curtains out of one of these fabrics: