Portrait Nicholas

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Portrait Nicholas

Portrait of an American lady (Chicago Tribune)

New biography doesn't fully capture the richness of Susan Mary Alsop's

Less well known is that she had a secret life, which included, among other
things, an illegitimate child, a homosexual husband, near-anorexia and
alcoholism. And while she herself was an impeccably pedigreed descendant of
founding father John Jay, the first chief justice of the Supreme Court, and
her family moved in rarefied circles -- her father, a career diplomat, was the
frequent escort of Queen Marie of Romania, and her mother attended the
marriage of Czar Nicholas II to Alexandra in St. Petersburg -- she also had
more than her share of sorrows and disappointments: an only sister who died
early; an invalid husband she no longer loved who exhausted her during a
protracted, agonizing decline; and lovers who never quite returned her

Chicago Tribune

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Nicholas Harper

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