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What are some interesting ancient burial practices?

I'm doing a paper for my Ancient Civilizations class on burial practices that existed before 1500. Any interesting ideas? I'm having trouble deciding on a topic.

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Do the cliffs of Sparta count? All unfit newborns (ones with deformities or weak in nature) were casted aside of a cliff to die.

The romans did the same thing. If the father were to decide not to claim his new born child they would cast them to the side of the river to die by starvation. Augustus saw the decline in Roman population and made a law forbiddening celibacy and the young to be unwed.

Look into the Mayans and Aztecs. They would lay there sacraficed victims into heaps to let blood run down temples in honor of their gods to bring forth rain and good harvests.

The catacombs are interesting for the fact that in Italy Italians would do their best to perserve their deceased. The more money the better perserved.