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Frequently Asked Questions...

If Avery and Mackenzie work as "unisex" names than why do people freak out when Jacob or Nathan is used as suc?

So if the original male names Avery and Mackenzie are okay to use on girls than why do some people freak out when Jacob and Nathan are used?

All four names are TRADITIONALLY MASCULINE, so what's the difference? Avery is just as masculine as Jacob and Mackenzie is jsut as(even more) masculine than Nathan.

So what is up with people nowadays?

Best Answer...


I agree. I'm one of the few people that freaks out if ANY masculine name is used on a girl, even if the general consensus is that it is a unisex name (Jordan, Taylor) or a modern feminine name (Ashley, Mackenzie). I hate the boy-names-on-girls trend and I won't hold back if someone asks a question about it on here. Boy names are for boys, and girl names are for girls. It really is as simple as that.

P.S. How odd - my two brothers are called Jacob and Nathan!

Hope I helped ;) xx

@Heathyr Faith nichole: The last time I met a male Mackenzie was last month. I've never met a female Mackenzie and I hope I never will!